Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday, Monday

Here is a hat I just completed using Shelridge Farms merino which is heavenly to work with. It is supposed to be for my sweet little 2 year old granddaughter but I have my doubts that it will fit her. I don't do well with making hats that fit...why is this? In crochet, I find it much more difficult to measure my gauge so I usually don't......I can hear the gasps now! :)

Another problem I run across is when beginning a new round, it's sometimes a puzzle which stitch I'm supposed to be either slip stitching into, or beginning my new round.....can you offer me some suggestions? This particular pattern says to slip stitch into the last st of the former round and then turn.....chain 2 (which doesn't count as a stitch) and dbl cr into the first stitch and continue around. Does that mean to dbl cr into the base of the ch 2, or into the first stitch after that? I'm full of questions today, so while I'm at it, if any of you have a very basic, can't fail, hat pattern you can recommend, I'd love to know about it.

When finding a pattern you like, how do you then convert that pattern to say a toddler size, from an adult or preemie size? This eludes me when it comes to my crocheting, although not so with my knitting. I find it easier to figure things out when it comes to knitting, perhaps because the stitches are so much easier to see and count. Any suggestions?

I guess I've peppered you with enough questions for one day, so I'm hoping to get lots of answers and if you'd rather, just email me.....I can't wait to find out what I'm doing wrong and see if any of you can suggest a basic hat pattern that works every time. In the meantime, be well, be happy, and crochet on!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Using Yarn I Already Have!

I'm feeling pretty good about dipping into my huge yarn stash these days for my current projects. I've been too easily tempted to purchase new yarn when I wanted to knit or crochet something, rather than seeing what I have in my stash that would be equally as good! Here's an afghan I've started using Mission Falls 1824 cotton, which I bought about 4 years ago with the thought of knitting a baby afghan with it....NOT. I've been enjoying my crocheting too much to knit many more afghans and crocheting the afghans goes so much quicker too...gotta' love that!
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This is the most recent afghan I knitted using Manos wool and knitting 3 strips of 4 squares each, then sewing it together. It is a classic design (from the Manos 'Seasons' booklet) and I do love it but it seemed to take forever. So, from now on, it's strictly crocheting for my future endeavors.

I'm still working on the gift for the lovebirds but that doesn't have to be finished till March of '07 so I have about 4 months to complete it. I'm using Rowanspun Chunky from my yarn stash and it feels really good to be using this up. I've had this for quite awhile also but it's such good quality yarn and it's working up to be a lovely afghan using the shell stitch.

Mind you, I have tons of good quality yarns left to use up (about six, 13 gallon bins full) and I'll be lucky to make a decent dent in all of it, but by golly, I'm gonna' give it the ole' college try, let me tell you. I feel kind of guilty for buying all this and letting it sit unloved and unused so this is now my goal....use up at least half of it before even thinking of buying anymore! What about all of my fellow you have this problem too or am I all alone here?? Tell me how you feel, if you have a large yarn stash, and if so, how do you use it up?