Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Ripple Blanket

Here's the blankie in all it's colorful glory......I call it my Fiesta Ripple. Since I have the solid pink and the pink throughout the variegated yarn, this baby blanket will be for a baby girl who is still awaiting arrival. As always, after washing the blanket and putting it in the dryer, it's very soft and lovely so I'm sure it will keep the little one to be very snug and warm.

On another note, I'm beginning a couple of Christmas crocheted gifts which I can't really tell you about since some of the recipients read this blog, but I promise pictures asap. It feels good to be able to begin this soon, because waiting until August or September never seems to work out for me. I wind up scrambling to finish and if I make one mistake, it's a disaster because there's not enough time left to be patient and fix it. So, here's hoping this year will be better in that regard.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Baby Ripple Afghan

This ripple blankie is moving right along as I'm closing in on the last 15" or so. The colors are really lovely and very vivid in person and not at all washed out as they look in this photo for some odd reason. This afghan is a 'make ahead' gift for the next one of my sons or daughter, for that matter, who has a baby girl sometime in the future. There is a bit too much pink in this one to present it to a baby boy.....the father would probably have something to say about that, I think. :)

I've been making more granny squares as well and you know how addictive they can be. Here are a few pictures for your perusal:

I've made more but don't want to overwhelm the post with too many pictures. Next on my agenda is a hexagon blanket for a gift. I have so much yarn in so many colors that I think it would be great to give a hexagon afghan a try......only problem is the sewing may not be a pretty picture, but time will tell.