Thursday, September 20, 2007

Making Some Progress

I've been crocheting up a storm with my cotton ripple once I received a shipment of more of my yarn. Here is the blanket so far and it's over the halfway point now. It doesn't seem to grow very quickly but I enjoy working on it and it's very comfy on my lap now as I crochet it.

Here is another gorgeous sky shot for your enjoyment and reflection. I think that sunsets are about the prettiest sky pictures to take.....and as the weather turns colder, the sky has so many more colors right before the sun sets.

I'm also working on the continuous granny square afghan in between the ripple and my knitted shawl (and a pair of socks, but I digress). Seems like I've go too many pans in the fire but I will finish them one by one, I'm determined. Other than that, I will leave you with some of summer's last bounty which we bought at a roadside stand......I hate to see the peaches and tomatoes go, don't you?