Thursday, May 10, 2007


I'm definitely on a crocheting jag and there's nothin' wrong with that! Everyday I seem to find yet another fab crochet pattern I just have to try and so it goes. At present I have a couple of ripple afghans on the go and I'm just starting a Granny square baby blanket as well. The picture above is the wave ripple for my sweethearts (my 2 kitties) who need a blankie all their own. I'm using Red Heart super saver (because I know it wears like iron, and I can wash it often, which is a must) and it will soften with each wash.

Next up is a baby ripple using 2 strands together of Bernat Baby Softee. I really like the softness of this yarn and find that it's working better for me using two strands as I crochet. I didn't think it had enough body using just one. The best part is I don't have any deadlines for either of these blankets so I can pick up whichever one I want and work on it for as long as I want.

I'm also giving my hand a try at a Granny square baby blanket which is at the very beginning stages. I like this yarn which is Red Heart baby soft and the colors are so great in this one. It's called 'rocking horse' which is very appropo.

Otherwise, I've been toying with the thought of trying some fine thread crochet such as a pineapple doily or some such pattern. I've always shyed away from anything using that fine of a thread or that small of a hook, but the only way I can see if I can do it, is to try, right? Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


These two adorable accessories are from the very talented BERNIE who crocheted them for me when I won the 'name that monkey' contest on her blog. I have my crochet hooks in the longer one which even has a zipper sewn in and I have folding scissors and stitch markers in the smaller drawstring bag.

I was so bowled over when I got these in the mail because they are the first thing ever crocheted especially for me by a fellow crafter. I love them, Bernie and how did you know that my daughter would be getting me a new crochet bag in an almost identical color. So now I'm actually crochet coordinated, even if only by accident, LOL.

On my own crocheting, I'm working on 2 ripple afghans, one in Bernat Baby Softee doubled in a lovely plain blue and a marled blue and white using an I hook. It's going along well but there's not enough progress to post a picture yet. The other one is the cotton colorful ripple using 1824 cotton from my stash, and believe me, I have plenty of that. There's a picture further down on this page if you want to take a peek.

Otherwise, I'm trying to finish up a Fair Isle cardigan (knitted) which I began some years ago and for some odd reason seem unable to complete. I am trying to be disciplined so we'll see how that goes and I'll report back later on.....wish me well.