Friday, August 29, 2008

Lion Brand CAL Afghan

I've decided to join a Crochet Along since getting my LB newsletter and seeing the completed blanket! It's a beauty and I am getting started in earnest over the weekend. I like the idea of not only crocheting one square at a time, but also the sizes of the squares make perfect sense to me because sometimes when knitting or crocheting squares, they are too big, IMHO.

This will be so much fun as we'll also have a group at Ravelry where we can exchange ideas, check out which yarns are being used, which size crochet hooks, and general info as to how things are going for each say nothing of the great help available there.

As for other crocheting content I've been too darned busy until now to get back to some of my former 'languishing' projects, but in between the CAL and my knitted linen shawl, plus a pair of Opal socks for my granddaughter's birthday, I should be just fine. I like having at least 3 projects going at a time so I don't get too fed up with working on just one thing all the time. I've tried working on ONE thing at a time till finished because I always thought it was a good idea and so many crafters do it that way, so that they actually FINISH each project before beginning another, but I just can't seem to stick to just UNO. So, as my dear mother loves to quote: "To thine own self be true" and that's what I'm doing!

The unpacking of boxes is finally coming to a close, although there are many more attic boxes, but those are seasonal things, not things I need everyday, so it's now official....we're moved in and settled in much less time than I thought it would take, although I know I've been 'driven' to keep unpacking and decorating until I got our home looking just the way I wanted it to look. Such a peaceful patio to knit on, which is just what I did for the past two blessed am I.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Move is Complete!

We're officially moved in and it's a glorious feeling, I've got to say! No more 'showings' , keeping the house pristine at all times (or at least trying to, LOL), comments from perspective buyers which send my blood pressure up, nor wondering when we'll be selling in this very slow market! Nope, it's all over but the shoutin' , so to speak.

We moved into our new home in July and are still unpacking as I type, but that's okay because there's only a little bit left to do and then my DH can finally get his car in the garage. It's great to finally go at our own pace rather than be pushed along by this deadline and that.

We have such a lovely, peaceful view from our backyard patio and although I've always been a 'deck' type person, I think I could get used to this beauty! The way I see it, once it cools off, weather wise, I can get some serious crocheting done sitting out here while I occasionally look up to see just such a sight as this:

That is just my not too subtle way of saying that once again I have no crocheting content on this post but that will soon change and there will be mucho pictures and more stories to relate. Do take care and happy crocheting!