Monday, October 23, 2006


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The Rowanspun Chunky tweed has finally decided what it "really" wanted to be crocheted into.....a very simple, yet elegant, shell stitch afghan!

I have Lisa to thank for this pattern! I had tried so many different ones and nothing was working for this 'oh, so particular' yarn, until the shell stitch.

So, now I'm off and running with this very addictive pattern and the picture you see here represents about 8" of length so far with about 52" to go....that's not much, right?

I'm really not crocheting much of anything else right now but I am finishing up a poncho for my granddaughter using Araucania Nature Wool in a lovely hand dyed red color with light and dark shading and I'm contemplating crocheting her a hat to go with it if I can find a good, basic pattern.

I'd like to get some progress bars up and running here but these things take some time which I am running out of lately. Christmas (okay, I've said it) is quickly approaching and I have 3 projects in the works already, not counting the poncho or the cap. I hope to complete each of them but frankly, as the song says, two outta' three ain't bad".

I'm totally enjoying my crochet time and find I have to be careful not to crochet exclusively....thereby avoid my knitting which I love as well, but after all, I do have quite a bit of crochet time to catch up on and I'm looking forward to it!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Looking for Afghan Pattern

I have about 10 skeins of Rowanspun Chunky and I've been trying to find an afghan pattern that would work using this yarn. It's a tweedy type wool with that sheepy smell still on it but I don't mind that because I know that once I wash and block it, it will smell sweet, but what I am concerned about is the weight of the finished blanket. I'd like something that is lofty but not too 'holey'. Would anyone have any suggestions and what are your thoughts about this yarn if you've used it for any crocheting?

Above is a picture of 4 rows that I did last night in single crochet, using 2 strands of yarn together and casting on an odd number of stitches, skipping the first stitch, sc into the next, ch 1, skip the next st, sc, ch 1 and so on but even though this would wind up being warm and snuggy in the end, it will probably weigh a this won't work.

The color is a bit blah, but on the other hand, it would go with anyone's decor and I would like to give the completed afghan to my son and future daughter-in-law at her bridal shower in late January, 2007. I've tried a few pattern stitches that I have on hand but so far, nothing really flatters the yarn or seems to work well with the texture of it. I really hope I don't have to abandon this yarn or I don't know what else I would want to make with it.

So, as you can readily see, I really need your help in trying to get all my ducks in a row here, LOL, and all suggestions are welcomed.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lazy Sunday

I love Sundays whenever we don't have plans and I can knit, crochet, read, and do my Sunday crossword just doesn't get much better than a day like that. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I've been looking at lots of crochet patterns lately and would like to give a mitered square type afghan a try. It looks a bit daunting but I love the finished look of this pattern and the color scheme could be anything you'd have in your yarn stash, the sky's the limit.

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I've been crocheting more coasters, trying out different patterns to find a favorite. So far I like the six sided brown ones with the light and dark coloring. It's nice and flat too for mugs or glasses to rest on without wobbling.

Not much other news other than it's a gorgeous fall day outside and I'm loving the chill in the air. I keep threatening to move to Maine one of these days because I don't like hot weather at all, but I'm probably all talk and no snow shovel! :) So, until next time, dear readers, crochet on.