Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas in 9 Days!

I cannot believe that the "big day" is so very close at hand. Where does the time fly to as we go about our daily routines day to day? I know it's going faster than ever when even my kids say the time is going too quickly!

I switched my blog over to beta, but have the same address and I really think this makes life alot easier in the blogging world. I've read others who have done so as well and they've had some problems but perhaps that's when it was brand new and some kinks needed to be worked out, or at least I'm hoping that's all it was. For me, so far, so good.

As for my crocheting, I'm still stealing a moment or two here and there to work on the afghan for the love birds and need to be finished it by at least March. I have quite a long way to go but I really enjoy the pattern (shell stitch) so it won't be something I can't wait to finish. I also crocheted quite a few new ornaments for the tree this year and they all turned out so cute. I've certainly got enough now so it's time to put a "hold" on any more Christmas things.

Instead I'd like to try my hand at a crocheted baby sweater but I'm kind of frozen in my tracks with the thought of it. I've never crocheted any garment, other than scarves or hats and with the fitting, etc., I don't know if I can do it or not. Also, it's not like I have anyone close by who's a seasoned crocheter and could help me out if I ran into a, what to do...what do you think?