Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Been Too Long

Wow, I've been spending way too much of my online time at Ravelry and neglecting my own crochet blog.......that must cease, LOL. Things here have been busy and I haven't been crocheting very often which I do miss.

Right now I'm trying to organize our 'stuff' and begin getting rid of excess items which can be daunting. There are many emotions that rise to the surface when I began going through things and it's not easy to give up certain things even though they haven't been used in quite awhile. My mind starts justifying why I shouldn't get rid of this or that and I have to use some darned good self discipline to either sell it, donate it, or trash it. So, between this activity each day and all the other things we all have to do daily, my online time has been limited as well and when I do log on I wind up doing what must be done and any extra online time I spend on, yes you guessed it, Ravelry, which is quite addicting.

I've been trying to finish up 2 knitted items before I pick up my granny square blanket to be. Here's a picture of it in case you forgot what it looks like:

I really like the color combination and when I don't crochet for awhile I start to miss it so I better get back to this soon. I've been trying to finish a second sock which I'm knitting and finish up a linen shawl that I'm knitting for one of my sweet daughters-in-law (which one I cannot say, just on the outside chance she might be reading this). So, until next time, dear readers, crochet on!