Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Baby Ripple

Here is a picture of the completed baby ripple for the birth of my grandchild should he be a boy!  You can see the baby ripple for a girl on an older post which is equally satisfying!  I must get back to crocheting my square granny which is a combination of the three colors you see below.  I love working with this yarn.....Jaeger's Merino which has a lovely hand and rarely splits while crocheting.  I have put this project aside for far too long because it seems I am always crocheting baby items, which of course, I don't mind at all, but now I think it's time for some regular old crocheting with that satisfying granny repetition.

So, I'm off to pick up my crochet hook and work on this granny for awhile.  Little by little, one of these fine days I'll have it completed!