Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grandchildren, Yes!

Talk about a long time since I've updated anything here on my crochet blog...yikes!
I haven't been crocheting as much as I've wanted to but that's no one's fault but my own.  I did manage to complete a baby blanket for my grandchild who is due in March.  (Update:  it's a girl, Claire Elizabeth, and she's adorable).  I can't seem to find a picture of the lovely ripple baby blanket I crocheted for Claire but I'll keep looking and if I find it I'll post it here. (YAY:  Found the picture!)

I'm lucky enough to have another grandchild due in June and we don't know whether it's a boy or girl so I have completed the one above and I'm working on another one just in case it's a boy.  (Update:  it's a boy, Owen Michael and he's adorable.)

Christmas was totally lovely and enjoyable hosted by my youngest son and his lovely wife who couldn't have done a better job.  The food was delicious and everything was decorated so beautifully.  These two are truly a great couple with so much love and caring for their family and I appreciate that so much more than words can express.  They are one of the couples who are expecting their second child this June.....such a lucky little one.  The other couple is my son, Matt and his wife Amy who are expecting their second baby in March and again, how lucky can the little one get to have such wonderful, loving parents.

As for the 'so called' winter months here......they AREN'T.  It's been way above normal temps here other than a couple of days sprinkled in just to entice the winter lovers, and then it's right back to mid to high 50's and even low 60's.....ACK!!!  In any event, I'm making the most out of it and thankful that I have the good health and energy to enjoy each and everyday.  The good news is that I've lost 15 pounds and am on my way to the next 15 so it doesn't get any better than this, at least for moi.

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